My three favorite comedians – funniest people out there

People who know me in real life probably also know i spend a lot of my free time watching or listening to comedy. So i’m kind of an expert on stand-up comedians and what kind of comedy they perform, and everyone keeps asking my advice for comedians they should check out. So once and for all, i want to write down my 3 favorite comedians. All of them tell different kinds of jokes with different takes on comedy. Some of them like to keep it relatively clean, while the others are not recommended to be watched by underage people. So let’s kick it off and review what makes each one of them original and different from another.

First of all, i want to start with legend Jerry Seinfeld. It’s kind of obvious and even cliche now, as he’s become the legend of stand-up comedy. When most people hear the word comedy, Seinfeld is literally the first thing that pops into their brainds. Either way, he got started in 70s and got really popular from early eighties, and has been killing it ever since. He’s obviously most remembered for playing his alter ego in the tv show Seinfeld, which he created along another funny comedian Larry David. By the way, Netflix has very funny comedy special coming up, which features Jerry talking about getting started in world of comedy and issues that came along with it. He’s also great comedian to get you into comedy, because his jokes are easily understandable yet sophisticated and funny. He mostly keeps his act clean.

My second favorite would be Louis CK. He’s very different from Seinfeld, because for him, nothing is off limits. His act includes swearing and politically incorrect jokes, you could say, almost exclusively. He mostly focuses his jokes on family, dating and relationships. Although he has wide range and makes me laugh every time. He’s a little similar to Jerry in a way that both make funny observations about world around them.

And my third favorite, Kevin Hart. He’s somewhere in between Jerry and Louis, as his act contains a lot of swearing, but unlike Louis, he never talks about hitting children. And before judging, listen to it in context, people. Kevin is also great actor, featured in a lot of movies lately, and he kills it in every one of them. He’s also in great shape and all-around great guy. He’s also very motivational and hard working, proven by his success in so many fields – comedy, acting, writing, producing.

  I personally enjoy all three of these guys, even though they’re completely different from each other.

Review of the Netflix comedy tv show – Love.

As some of my readers may know, i have had Netflix account for few years now, so i eventually watch and review every good show on it. This time, i stumbled upon show called love – and wait for it – it’s about two people and just, you know, love. It had great imdb ratings and more importantly, was made by Judd Apatow, same guy responsible for undeclared and freaks and geeks, two of my favorite tv shows ever. It also had good cast – i’d been familiar with Gillian Jacobs, so i had no reason to not watch it. I saved first two episodes on my Kindle straight away and watched it while waiting for my plane later that day. I must say, pilot was good but slightly off, but it was the second episode that really won me over. The show’s really well directed and written, so props to all the writers and of course, Judd.

 I binge-watched season one that same day, and couldn’t wait until the next season. It came back better than before. Unlike other hit shows, which lose their fine touch and quality of writing after one great season, love did the opposite – got even better and funnier. Storyline is really unpredictable and funny. I don’t want to give anything away, so i can’t discuss it in details, but i highly recommend it. The title had me nervous for a while, but it’s not cheesy and predictable like other shows on the same topic. Netflix really knocked it out of the park with this one.

Characters are also diverse,  i feel like i know these people personally and can make paralells to real persons i know. But at the same time, they’re not boring and full of surprises. One of my favorite things about the show is the supporting character Bernie, who is main character’s girl roommate. I don’t know what the real name of the actress is, but she is soo funny and cute.

 Overall, it’s really fun to watch these two people get through their lives, knowing that eventually they’ll come together. Although the show is so original that you can’t be sure of that. Anything is possible.

Ironically, there is also fictional TV-show going on in the series, and you can have inside look at the writers and how shows are developed. If you are into that kind of stuff like i am, it can be really nice easter egg. Paul Rust’s character works for the TV company which develops the show, as a tutor for young actress. Who, by the way, is played by Judd’s real-life daughter and is really cute.

My 2 cents on dating and my problems with females

I’m not ladies man by any means, and relationships are not cornerstone of my life, but they are still very important and even more so to other people, so i wanted to share my 2 cents on the topic. If you haven’t guessed already, i’m a male, relatively young, in my twenties, freshly out of college and into 9-5 job. Now that we have covered my biography, let’s dive in straight to the topic : how do i conduct the art of relationships? How do i choose women to approach, or do i approach to them at all? I’ll answer to all of these questions in following paragraph.

 Spoiler alert, i don’t approach women. I let them approach me. I know this is against everything you read- that men are supposed to be the providers and the ones with confidence chasing the prey. I’ve heard and tried all that, and believe me, it doesn’t work. I wouldn’t state that it doesn’t work if i wasn’t sure and only from my own experience, but i’ve heard a lot of guys’ take on this and know what i’m talking about. Part of those statements are true, but it certainly doesn’t mean that you’re supposed to chase women like a dog. Instead, my philosophy is that you should work on making yourself the best version of yourself you can possibly be, and making yourself available to them to approach you. How do you do that? Instead of spending hours thinking of ways to trick women into sleeping with you, or watching videos about it, just go to the gym and lose that extra pounds you have on, do some exercises to have at least somewhat muscular body. And that’s the perfect ratio by the way. It’s common misconception that women are attracted to the size of the muscles, but i think they’re more attracted to the guys who are willing to work out to become better, by taking charge of their lives. So even if you show slight hints of workout, they’ll be attracted to you, because they’ll know you’re not the kind of a guy who sits on his butt all day. And by making yourself available, i mean smiling and keeping open body language when you meet them. That’s crucial too, because they are just as scared of rejection as you or me. So breaking down that barrier and expressing that you appreciate their attention can do wonders for giving them courage to approach you. But even if they don’t, but you’re really into the particular girl, you can always give them your phone number. If they do text you, it’s great, but even if they don’t, at least you got the closure.

How to bake bread – Perfect recipe that i’ve used for 10+ years

Now is baking afternoon, so we are planning to discuss just how to bake the work-horse loaf to an attractive, chewy-crunchy-aromatically-hypnotizing marvel. I really like baking. Baking is really where dough has been transformed in to bread: certainly one of the earliest & most crucial foods on Earth. Baking day is similar to sciencefair afternoon, dinner day, and conclusion day all building a lovechild together. (Just there wont be some judging here–only learning). Baking is science and magic all in one single.

Baking isn’t merely a major party, nevertheless. Since bakers, we still have a whole lot of work todo. This is exactly why now we are going to share what equipment we are in need of, the way to score bread, then talk exactly in what really continues inside our ovens throughout baking, and also how those procedures transform bread to bread.

And thus, before we put in to the practicalities of actually loading our loaves to the oven, then let us take a while to discuss the way we understand when–that the enormous WHEN–to load our dough to the toaster, and also take stock of exactly what this intends to correctly proof bread.

After we last left off, we had only finished turning our dough to boules, then placed them to bannetons to experience their final increase, or signs. Then we moved them to some fridge in order that they had proof more slowly (also referred to as jelqing our loaves), to boost flavor and also make sure they are better to load for baking. If we examine the work-horse recipe, then we now observe that this dough demands an closing, retarded evidence of approximately 1 hour to 90 seconds.

Putting an alert clock and carrying a rest could be overly simple. What we will need to know as bakers is the way to judge our loaves’ advancement, and also to load our bread once an optimal balance of flavor and feel is reached–open-crumbed however, perhaps not pancake-like, nutty and aromatic although not overly amazing.

When we return again to your previous article, we will find an notion of the type of yeast is left up to this. Watch, our yeast’ve been sipping sugars as we finished our blending, releasing CO2 and fermenting our flour’s sugar into alcohol and other interesting stuff. These procedures persist up to we inhale. Throughout the last proof, our yeast is currently coming at the close of its oxygen and food provides, and thus this late in the match, the majority of the task our yeast is acting is obviously a fermentation number–quite simply, growing taste.

These forces are going to have deep effect on loaf structure. Around a place, gluten free will last to build up and organize it self, along with the inflating aftereffects of yeast respiration. But left forever, acids created by the yeast and receptor activity will start to undermine garlic structure. I am aware of, which has been simply a major can of worms. To refresh your memory, then have a look at our article to yeast activity here, that may help all which seem sensible.

Simply speaking, if we inhale too soon–or underproof that our loaves–they will certainly be less appetizing than desirable, and wont grow for their entire potential. Should we inhale too late–or overproof our own loaves–we then run the danger of growing off tastes, and also our loaves could possibly be therefore inflated with petrol which their gluten arrangement is not able to encourage them, resulting in loaf collapse throughout carbonated.