My 2 cents on dating and my problems with females

I’m not ladies man by any means, and relationships are not cornerstone of my life, but they are still very important and even more so to other people, so i wanted to share my 2 cents on the topic. If you haven’t guessed already, i’m a male, relatively young, in my twenties, freshly out of college and into 9-5 job. Now that we have covered my biography, let’s dive in straight to the topic : how do i conduct the art of relationships? How do i choose women to approach, or do i approach to them at all? I’ll answer to all of these questions in following paragraph.

 Spoiler alert, i don’t approach women. I let them approach me. I know this is against everything you read- that men are supposed to be the providers and the ones with confidence chasing the prey. I’ve heard and tried all that, and believe me, it doesn’t work. I wouldn’t state that it doesn’t work if i wasn’t sure and only from my own experience, but i’ve heard a lot of guys’ take on this and know what i’m talking about. Part of those statements are true, but it certainly doesn’t mean that you’re supposed to chase women like a dog. Instead, my philosophy is that you should work on making yourself the best version of yourself you can possibly be, and making yourself available to them to approach you. How do you do that? Instead of spending hours thinking of ways to trick women into sleeping with you, or watching videos about it, just go to the gym and lose that extra pounds you have on, do some exercises to have at least somewhat muscular body. And that’s the perfect ratio by the way. It’s common misconception that women are attracted to the size of the muscles, but i think they’re more attracted to the guys who are willing to work out to become better, by taking charge of their lives. So even if you show slight hints of workout, they’ll be attracted to you, because they’ll know you’re not the kind of a guy who sits on his butt all day. And by making yourself available, i mean smiling and keeping open body language when you meet them. That’s crucial too, because they are just as scared of rejection as you or me. So breaking down that barrier and expressing that you appreciate their attention can do wonders for giving them courage to approach you. But even if they don’t, but you’re really into the particular girl, you can always give them your phone number. If they do text you, it’s great, but even if they don’t, at least you got the closure.

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