My three favorite comedians – funniest people out there

People who know me in real life probably also know i spend a lot of my free time watching or listening to comedy. So i’m kind of an expert on stand-up comedians and what kind of comedy they perform, and everyone keeps asking my advice for comedians they should check out. So once and for all, i want to write down my 3 favorite comedians. All of them tell different kinds of jokes with different takes on comedy. Some of them like to keep it relatively clean, while the others are not recommended to be watched by underage people. So let’s kick it off and review what makes each one of them original and different from another.

First of all, i want to start with legend Jerry Seinfeld. It’s kind of obvious and even cliche now, as he’s become the legend of stand-up comedy. When most people hear the word comedy, Seinfeld is literally the first thing that pops into their brainds. Either way, he got started in 70s and got really popular from early eighties, and has been killing it ever since. He’s obviously most remembered for playing his alter ego in the tv show Seinfeld, which he created along another funny comedian Larry David. By the way, Netflix has very funny comedy special coming up, which features Jerry talking about getting started in world of comedy and issues that came along with it. He’s also great comedian to get you into comedy, because his jokes are easily understandable yet sophisticated and funny. He mostly keeps his act clean.

My second favorite would be Louis CK. He’s very different from Seinfeld, because for him, nothing is off limits. His act includes swearing and politically incorrect jokes, you could say, almost exclusively. He mostly focuses his jokes on family, dating and relationships. Although he has wide range and makes me laugh every time. He’s a little similar to Jerry in a way that both make funny observations about world around them.

And my third favorite, Kevin Hart. He’s somewhere in between Jerry and Louis, as his act contains a lot of swearing, but unlike Louis, he never talks about hitting children. And before judging, listen to it in context, people. Kevin is also great actor, featured in a lot of movies lately, and he kills it in every one of them. He’s also in great shape and all-around great guy. He’s also very motivational and hard working, proven by his success in so many fields – comedy, acting, writing, producing.

  I personally enjoy all three of these guys, even though they’re completely different from each other.

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